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All Associated Partners

As a result of the exploitation activity a number of associated partners officially joined the project in order to contribute to the improvement of the project impact on their target groups and to ensure the project sustainability by continuing using the project deliverables in the next years.

The associate partners of the Anthropocene project are organizations interested in environmental and digital education. All associated partners share the project objectives and are willing to contribute to their achievement.

Institutions and organisations interested in becoming associated partners of the Anthropocene project can contact the the national coordinators of the project.

Name Country Partner
Ion Ionescu University Of Agricultural Sciences And Veterinary Medicine From Brad from Iasi Romania EuroEd
“C. Paunescu” Special Gymnasium School Romania EuroEd
The Romanian Association for Quality Language Services QUEST Romania Romania EuroEd
I.P.S.A.R. Matteotti ITALY CIPAT
Istituto Professionale Alberghiero e Tecnico Agrario “F. Datini ITALY CIPAT
Name Country Partner



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