Lifelong Learning Programme

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Cristina Bartolini
Teacher, Italy
All three resources are useful but in particular I find the didactic material interesting for teachers to be used in the classes as I believe it is well structured and full of activities that can be easily adapted to the various situations.

Priscilla Cocchi
Teacher, Italy
The more useful source appears to be the teachers' platform, due to the quality of proposed lesson plans.

Marco Manzuoli
Teacher, Italy
The more useful source is didactic material.

Patrizia Gullo
Teacher, Italy
All the resources are really usable.

Giuliana Lanieri
Teacher, Italy
International connections are an important thing.

Irene Bardazzi
Teacher, Italy
The platform is easy to use

Vlad Orza
Teacher, Romania
Can create similatities between Climate change and Technology change. Some videos are very catchy for students.

Juverdeanu Petre-Emil
Teacher, Romania
Very informed presentations, knowlegeable people taking part in the discussions.

Daniela Lupuleasa
Teacher, Romania
The most interesting aspects of the project are the videos and the links that support the topic. It is an interesting project, with the right approach for the current issue.

Corina Forascu
Teacher, Romania
it is in line with the topics currently debated by EC and media

Dana Danciulescu
Teacher, Romania
the topics covered are inovative

Mihaela Constantina VATAVU
Teacher, Romania
The idea itself and the fact that if provides us, the teachers, the means to make our students aware of the current challenges. Wonderful project!

Marieta Condrea
Teacher, Romania
It is a very interesting project and I will use the resources to work with my students.

Mihaela Ciocan
Teacher, Romania
The wide variety of information and rsources

Cristina Smirnov
Teacher, Romania
Anthropocene is a great project and it offers a different approach to teaching.

Irina Farcas
Teacher, Romania
I was looking for a project like this, which can offer me resources, information and strategies to make my studenta=s aware of what is happening in the world nowadays.

Liliana Giugastru
Teacher, Romania
It is a very good project because we have to teach students about the modern challenges.

Lucretia Moruzi
Teacher, Romania
It is a project that offers me, as an English teacher a lot of information and resources.

Elena Stefancu
Teacher, Romania
The quality of the materials developed and the presentation

Andreea Zota
Teacher, Romania
The project is extremely interesting because it makes us think about the world we live in from a different perspective.

Gheorghita Nistor
Teacher, Romania
A very good project with resources and strategies to be implemented in class.

Roxana Nicola
Teacher, Romania
The project is useful and it offers opportunities to work better with the students and to motivate them.

Carmen Spataru
Teacher, Romania
The project Anthropocene allows me to make my lessons more interesting.

Chantal Larrory
Teacher, France
Very complete project with an analysis of the situation in Europe and school programs and provides students and teachers with many resources

Andreea Ionel
Project manager, Romania
This result involved a huge collaboration and involvement of the direct target group of the project, and for this reason the project reached a quality assurance at a high level.

Ligia Boca
Lecturer, Romania
We had the opportunity to collaborate and work with teams from different cultures with different socio-economic challenges.



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